Our Code of Conduct

Build trust by doing what's right

A message from Paul Mahon, President and CEO, Great-West Lifeco Inc. and Jeffrey Orr, Chair of the Board

Each day at work, we make decisions that could impact our customers, colleagues, advisors, shareholders, regulators, and even our communities. When faced with more challenging decisions, how do we know the right choice to make? Fortunately, we’re guided by our core values and the clear expectations as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

From treating our customers fairly to committing to corporate social responsibility, we look to the Code to guide our decisions. Based on our five values, the Code helps direct our actions and decisions at all levels. It helps us make the most appropriate, values-based choice in a given situation.

The Code also provides guidance on meeting our organization’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion. The standards and expectations reflected in the Code are the foundation on which we’ve built our companies’ excellent reputation and legacy over the years.

We’re each responsible for doing what’s right for our company and stakeholders, including speaking up and questioning situations if we believe something is against our values. Please know you can always raise concerns with your leader, Compliance, Human Resources, or through our confidential Ethics Hotline.

The Board of Directors joins us in endorsing the Code of Conduct, and we thank you for doing your part to act to follow our values each and every day. We have a strong history of doing what’s right, and your continued dedication and hard work are essential to helping Great-West Lifeco Inc. and our operating companies deliver on our promises to customers and stakeholders. 

Paul Mahon and Jeffrey Orr Paul Mahon and Jeffrey Orr